chylous effusion

chylous effusion
암죽삼출액, 유미삼출액

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  • chylothorax — An accumulation of chylous fluid in the pleural space. SYN: chylopleura, chylous hydrothorax. * * * chy·lo·tho·rax thō(ə)r .aks, thȯ(ə)r n, pl rax·es or ra·ces t …   Medical dictionary

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  • hydrothorax — SYN: pleural effusion. chylous h. SYN: chylothorax. * * * hy·dro·tho·rax thō(ə)r .aks, thȯ(ə)r n, pl tho·rax·es or tho·ra·ces thōr ə .sēz, thȯr an excess of serous fluid in the pleural cavity esp an effu …   Medical dictionary

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